Catalina Gladding McBean: Saguaro Art Ware (1940-1942)

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Santa Catalina Island Pottery: Saguaro Art Ware (1940-1942)

Saguaro Art Ware was produced by Gladding McBean as part of their Catalina Art Ware line from 1940 to 1942. These shapes emulate those found on the Saguaro cacti. No molds from Catalina Island were used in this collection. The 18 pieces in the photograph are the two-toned glaze combination of Turquoise Satin with Coral Satin, except for one piece in Golden Glow with Glacial Blue (shape C-261). This is thought to be the entire collection of shapes. With the exception of Solid Ivory matt glazed pieces, Saguaro Art Ware came in the following color combinations:

* Turquoise Satin exterior with Coral Satin interior
* Green satin exterior with Yellow Satin interior
* Chartreuse exterior with Maroon interior
* Golden Glow satin exterior with Glacial Blue interior

Catalina Gladding McBean: Saguaro Art Ware (1940-1942)

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