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Catalina Island Museum [CIM]

In the News~

April 13, 2015 [CIM]: “William Wrigley Jr. spent 10 years developing Avalon into one of the nation's most beautiful resort communities. Perhaps his greatest achievement on the island was the construction of the landmark Casino building, which opened in 1929. No other building project on the island has rivaled the Casino's beauty, scale and cultural importance until now. The construction of the Catalina Island Museum's new home, the Ada Blanche Wrigley Schreiner Building marks the most important building project on the island in over 80 years. Much like the Casino, the Ada Blanche Wrigley Schreiner Building was conceived with permanence in mind. Passing by the construction site on Metropole Avenue the monumental size of the structure is immediately apparent. Although echoing the style of the Casino, the museum building will have its own unique architectural personality, combing elements of the traditional Spanish style prevalent in the Casino with the understated elegance of the modern. With its grand opening slated for later this year, the museum will exhibit a far more comprehensive view of Catalina Island's history than has been possible in its current facility. The new museum's JMH Foundation Special Exhibitions Gallery will change frequently, hosting exhibitions - not directly related to Catalina Island - from around the world. The building will also include a state-of-the-art theater for lectures and videos; a gallery for its permanent collection of plein air painting; a retail shop that will add to the town's busy street life; and - on the museum's vast second floor - a 100-seat outdoor amphitheater that has been specially designed for films and concerts. Adjacent to the amphitheater are open-air plazas suitable not only for catered events but for performances of dance, theater and music.”