Cathedral Cave, Anacapa Island

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Cathedral Cave, Anacapa Island is located on the north side of East Anacapa to the west of Landing Cove and just east of Cathedral Cove. It is a large, multi-chambered sea cave, 790 feet in length, which can be entered and explored by skiff on calm days. It is one of the largest and most spectacular caves to be found on Anacapa Island.

In the News~

December 1891: “The Santa Barbara Islands… Passing many outlying rocks and reef islands, we sailed into the Cathedral Cave. An arched roof one hundred feet high sloped down to a floor of four hundred by one hundred and fifty feet at the bottom. This floor was white sand, rimming a bay of clear water, through which marine plants, shells, and darting fishes could be clearly seen at the pebbly bottom...” (Martinette Kinsell The Santa Barbara Islands in Overland Monthly 18(108):624

July 17, 2000 [LAT]: “A dozen people, including two infants, were briefly stranded on Anacapa Island on Sunday evening after the boat they were aboard ran aground in choppy waters off Cathedral Cove. The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued eight of the passengers on the beach beneath the cove’s sheer cliffs as of late Sunday, officially said. A Coast Guard helicopter hoisted the four remaining people, including two infants, from the beach to the top of the cliff.”

April 10, 2009 [LAT]: “A resident of Santa Barbara died yesterday afternoon while scuba diving off the north end of Anacapa Island. Authorities told CDNN that John G. Keonig, 65, apparently drowned at about 1:30 P.M. at a depth of about eight meters near Cathedral Cove, a popular scuba diving site. Witnesses said the other divers found Koenig unconscious on the seabed with his regulator out of his mouth. They brought him to the surface, pulled him back onboard the Ventura-based Spectre dive charter boat and started CPR. But the victim never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead about a half an hour later. Craig Stevens, senior deputy Ventura County medical examiner, said an autopsy showed that Koenig drowned. Stevens also said the post-mortem examination revealed cardiac disease, however there was no clear evidence that Koenig suffered a heart attack. Authorities said Koenig was a novice diver who learned to scuba dive in January. He died on is 14th dive.”