Cave, Santa Cruz Island

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Cave, Santa Cruz Island is a survey station established in 1857 by William E. Greenwell. It is located:

“on the top of a steep, rocky hill on the west side of the mouth of a narrow valley, running south on the east side of which is a large white mountain and in which is a stream of good water and plenty of willows; you will also pass the remains of a brush fence at the ridge about a quarter of a mile west from [triangulation station] Center which leads down into the valley. The ridge has a well-defined trail leading down it on the east side.”

The station was found by Stehman Forney in 1875 and again by Charles K. Greene in 1934.

“The station is on the hill to the west of the anchorage now called the Willows. Recovered and marked by Pioneer in 1934. South reference bottle in place, center bottle leaning but could see hole... The best way to reach the station is to make a boat landing at the anchorage now called Willows and make up the hill to the west of the canyon. The station is about 200 meters from the shoreline.”

The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1996.

  • [UTM 11: North 3,761,374.128 East 244,931.353]