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Celilo (#211948) (1913-1946), 202-foot wooden steam schooner of 943 gross tons built in Oregon in 1913 by St. Helens Shipbuilding Company, and named for a waterfall on the Columbia River. She was outfitted to carry 60 passengers, and had running water in every stateroom. She was run by the McCormick Steamship Company and sported a small “social hall” with an electric piano. “Many were the nights that passengers stood around this early-day music box and sang as the ship made her way along the coast. Meals were another attraction of this line.” Celilo often picked up wool at Prisoners' Harbor for the Santa Cruz Island Company. McCormick eventually sold her when he acquired steel ships. Celilo was laid-up in 1937 in the backwaters of Oakland Creek, often referred to as “rotten row.” When World War II heated up, Celilo was inspected in 1941 for possible war-time service, but turned down. In 1946 Celilo was dismantled.