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Don Robinson, right
Point Loma office of CINM

Channel Islands National Monument, encompassing both Anacapa and Santa Barbara islands, was created under President Franklin Roosevelt’s Antiquities Act of 1938. At the time, however, it was left without formal administration until the following year, when it was placed under the authority of Sequoia National Park, where E. T. Scoyen was superintendent. In 1943 Sequoia merged with Kings Canyon National Park. In January 1958 the administration of Channel Islands National Monument was given to Cabrillo National Monument, where Donald M. Robinson was superintendent. In May of 1967 Channel Islands National Monument became administered separately. Donald Robinson was called back from Crater Lake National Park to act as superintendent, while Thomas R. Tucker remained superintendent of Cabrillo National Monument.

Channel Islands National Monument first operated from an office on A Street in Oxnard. From there they moved to the old harbor master's office in Ventura Harbor when new facilities were built for the harbor master. In 1980, Channel Islands National Park was created and a new independent facility was built in Ventura Harbor. Monument superintendent, Bill Ehorn, transitioned as the first superintendent of Channel Islands National Park.

Channel Islands National Monument superintendents:

  • Eivind T. Scoyen (1896-1973) Sequoia National Park, January 1939-July 1941
  • John R. White (Sequoia National Park), July 1941-October 1947
  • Eivind T. Scoyen (1896-1973) Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park), November 1947-January 1956
  • George A. Walker [acting] (Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park), January 1956-May 1956
  • Thomas J. Allen (1897-1985) Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park, May 1956-January 1958
  • Donald M. Robinson (1919-2004) Cabrillo/Channel Islands National Monument, January 1958-September 1963
  • Thomas R. Tucker (1923-2012) Cabrillo/Channel Islands National Monument, September 1963-May 1967
  • Donald M. Robinson (1919-2004) May 1967-April 1974
  • John Cook [acting], April 1974-March 1974
  • William H. Ehorn (b. 1939) July 1974-March 1980

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