Channel Swimmers: Farallones

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Ted Erikson, Farallon Island marathon swimmer
Sept.18,1967: "Ted Erikson a 39-year-old Chicago chemist who holds the World's record for the two-way English Channel swim, became the first man to swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge. Erikson finished the 30-mile swim last night in 14 hours and 36 minutes. 'I've won,' the swimming scientist gasped."
1. 8/28/1967 Stewart Evans to Duxbury Point (near Bolinas) 13:44
2. 9/17/1967 Ted Erikson to the Golden Gate 14:38
3. 4/8/2014 Craig Lenning to Muir Beach 15:46
4. 7/12/2014 Joe Locke to the Golden Gate 13:58
5. 8/7-8/2015 Kim Chambers to the Golden Gate 17:12