Channel Swimmers: Santa Barbara Island

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1. 9/25/2009 Penny Palfrey to Palos Verdes 17:53:41

Australian, Penny Palfrey, is the only swimmer to swim to the mainland from Santa Barbara Island. She has completed swims to the mainland from:

  • San Miguel Island 2008
  • Santa Barbara Island 2009
  • Santa Catalina Island 2010
  • Anacapa Island 2014

In the News~

July 28, 1938 [NSJRN]: “Paul Chotteau, long distance marathon swimmer, who recently collapsed and had to be taken aboard a patrol boat after swimming nearly 50 miles in record-shattering time... He was swimming from Santa Barbara Island to Venice, California, a distance of 56 miles… One of the sharks dove under him and left a scratch on Chotteau’s chest from its fin.”

August 2, 1938 [SPDJW]: “A concert violinist, when not attempting distance swim marks, Paul Chotteau now amazes the sporting world by setting the Pacific Ocean records for distance and time by swimming 46 miles from Santa Barbara Island to a point four and one half miles from Malibu pier. Chotteau’s time was 44 hours and 51 minutes. He lost 34 pounds while in the water.” [He didn’t make it to the mainland.]