China Point, San Clemente Island

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China Point, San Clemente Island

China Point, San Clemente Island

  • Gene's Folly (#257951) (1945-1969), vessel of 12 gross tons stranded on China Point, San Clemente Island on May 4, 1969. [MVUS 1970]

In the News~

May 26, 1926 [TI/Avalon]: “A report from San Clemente Island Monday, stated that several schools of bluefin tuna had been seen near China Point, San Clemente Island.”

January 20, 1934 [SDET]: “Isles off southern coast to get lights. Seven new lights are to be established Feb. 10 on islands off the coast, according to report by Capt. H. W. Rhodes, superintendent of lighthouses for the 18th district. Two of the lights are to be placed on San Clemente Island, one at China Point, the second at Pyramid Head and the third at the end of the headland at the northerly end of San Clemente. The other four lights are to be established on San Nicolas Island, Catalina Island (east end and west end), and Santa Barbara Island.”

February 7, 1934 [SDET]: “Two lights placed on Channel Islands. Two of the 10 lights planned by the lighthouse service for the Channel Islands off the southern California coast have been established, according to word received here today from H. W. Rhodes, superintendent of lighthouses for this district, with headquarters at San Francisco. The first was established last Saturday at the headland at the northerly end of San Clemente Island. The second was established Monday at China Point, on the west side of Pyramid Cove, about 633 yards from the extreme southerly point of San Clemente Island.”

September 12, 1954 [LAT]: “Fishing Boat Runs Aground. The Sonia, a 60-foot Seattle fishing boat, ran aground in a dense fog at CHina Point on San Clemente Island and the captain and crew members were picked up by other vessels, DIstrict Coast Guard headquarters at Long Beach reported yesterday. Skipper Kirk Olson of Seattle went aboard Gigi; another fishing boat, while a Coast Guard auxiliary vessel picked up the two crewmen. A third boat, the Spitfire, was standing by. The Coast Guard said the Cutter 83452 had been dispatched from Newport Harbor to stand by the stricken craft until commercial towing vessels arrived. Neither the Sonia's full compliment nor the extent of damage was immediately known, the Coast Guard said. Meanwhile, the cutter Perseus was speeding to help another fishing boat, the Tim-Sea, which lost its rudder on Cortez Bank 60 miles south of San Clemente Island.”

September 12, 1954 [Medford Mail Tribune]: “Seattle Fishing Boat Aground Off Long Beach. Long Beach, Calif.—The Sonia, a Seattle-based fishing boat Saturday ran aground in heavy fog at China Point on San Clemente Island, and the two men aboard were rescued, the Coast Guard reported. The men were identified as Skipper Curt Olsen, of San Diego, Calif., and Lee Wakefield, also of San Diego. The skipper said he would try later to refloat her, the Guard said. The 60-foot boat is owned by Tanis Olson of Seattle.”

April 22, 1974 [LAT]: “A skin diver drowned when he became tangled in seaweed at China Point off San Clemente Island. Trevis D. Marsha, 58, of Ukiah, and a diving partner were swimming back to a chartered 85-foot sport fishing vessel named the California when the companion looked back and saw Marsha face down in the water. When the partner tried to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Marsha's body sank. Divers aboard the vessel retrieved his body and tried unsuccessfully to retrieve him.”