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Chow Lee (#) (-)

In the News~

June 13, 1891 [LAH]: “Marine news. San Pedro, June 12, 1891. Arrived. June 11. — The Junk Chow Lee, [Captain] Tong, from Catalina, 5 tons fish to S. P. Co.”

September 11, 1896 [LAH]: “The Chinese junk Chow Lee arrived from the islands yesterday and was boarded by Customs Collector Bell, who inspected the vessel. He found several tons of fish known as sheepsheads in a sad state of decomposition. Mr. Bell reported the affair to the proper authorities.”

December 1, 1896 [LAH]: “The Chinese junk Chow Lee, Captain Wo Chung in command, arrived yesterday from the islands, and Deputy Collector Chas. A. Johnson boarded her to see that all her crew and passengers had their chock gee (certificates showing them to be registered). The crew was O.K. Her cargo was three tons of dried fish in a decomposed condition. The stench is almost overpowering fifty yards from the vessel. The fish will be packed in barrels and shipped to San Francisco and Los Angeles Chinese merchants.”