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Chubasco (# ) (-1975)

In the News~

July 31, 1975 [Santa Cruz Sentinel]: “Rescuers are Asked to Leave. San Diego—Rescuers said it took some convincing to get a group of 28 survivors of a beached fishing boat to leave their island refuge. The survivors, brought here safely Wednesday, were off the 85-foot charter boat, Chubasco, which ran aground Monday morning on Guadalupe Island, 270 miles south of San Diego. Jay Farber, skipper of the rescue boat, said the shipwrecked fishermen were far from uncomfortable on the island. "We found quite a few of them on the beach, eating abalone and lobster. In fact, we were told to go away," said Faber. Dick Gardner pf La Mirada said he and his fellow stranded fishermen, put up a sign on the beach that read: "The Chubasco Cantina. Happy Hour All Day. House Specialty: Chubasco on the Rocks." Faber left seven of his crew behind to repair the Chubasco and try to refloat it.”