Colorados, Santa Cruz Island

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Los Colorados looking south from the secondary or southern ridge, with Sierra Blanca shown in the distance. The ridges are the characteristic long, chaparral covered, cuchillos running to the ocean from the southern ridge.
Santa Cruz Island, Symmes, 1922

Colorados, Santa Cruz Island (Los Colorados; Red Range) [Sp. the red hills], a pasture range described in 1922 by Symmes (p. 31):

“The Colorados embrace that part of the south side of the island lying between Coches Prietos and the Sierra Blancas. It is composed of long ridges running south to the ocean with some fertile flats in Laguna. The upper reaches of these ridges are covered with brush, chiefly manzanita with scrub oak and wild cherry in the canyons. The lower ends of the ridges are more open and grow a good crop of wild oats with some clover and alfilerilla. There is a scattered growth of cactus in places. Water conditions on this range are the best on the island. There are four perennial streams scattered through the length of this range together with several perennial springs. It is a good summer cattle range, and particularly well adapted to young stock.”