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Columbus (#) ( -1936)

In the News~

September 11, 1936 [LAT]: “Blast sinks fishing boat. Injured captain saved in explosion off Santa Cruz Island. Santa Barbara, Sept. 10. — The tuna fishing boat Colombus, seeking albacore in Coches Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, this morning exploded, blowing Captain George Olsen, only man aboard, into the water and sinking the boat. Oslen was rescued by the crew of the San Pedro swordfishing steamer Angelo, Capt. Bob Quest, and rushed to the island, where Mrs. Hjalmar Englund gave him emergency treatment. The Angelo then crossed the Santa Barbara Channel at top speed to this harbor, where George V. Castagnola, fisheries representative, sent the injured man to St. Francis hospital. He is suffering first and second-degree burns of both legs and left arm, but surgeons hope for his recovery. According to Capt. Quest of the Angelo, Olsen had discovered a leak in the gasoline feed line of the Columbus, which had allowed gasoline to spill into the bilge. Before starting to repair it, he thoughtlessly lit his pipe and the explosion followed.”

September 11, 1936 [OT]: “Fishboat sunk, Skipper hurt. Santa Barbara. September 11. The tuna clipper Columbus, of San Pedro, today rested at the bottom of Coches Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, a total loss following an explosion which seriously injured Captain George Olsen. The explosion was said to have resulted when a spark fell into a pool of gasoline which leaked from a broken feed line. Captain Olsen, who was attempting to fix the leak when the explosion occurred, received first and second degree burns. He was rescued from the water by the crew of the San Pedro swordfisher Angelo, and given emergency treatment on the island by Mrs. Hjalmar Englund, one of the few residents there. Captain Olsen, then was rushed to the mainland aboard the Angelo for hospital care. Surgeons here said he probably would recover.”