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Cora (fl. 1850s), 16-ton fishing and otter hunting vessel owned by George Nidever in the 1850s.

In 1853 when it was discovered the now legendary “lone woman” had been left on San Nicolas Island, Nidever sailed to the island on an otter hunting expedition, located the woman, and brought her back to his home in Santa Barbara in September 1853.

In December 1853 Nidever rescued some of the stranded passengers from the wreck of the Winfield Scott on Anacapa aboard his fishing boat Cora.

In the News~

November 7, 1853 [DAC]: “Importations. Per Cora — 1000 shells, 1008 [SIC] otter skins.”

November 10, 1853 [DAC]: “Santa Barbara—Per Cora — 1000 shells, 100 otter skins.”