Corral, Santa Rosa Island

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Corral, Santa Rosa Island is a survey station established in May of 1860 by William E. Greenwell, and relocated in 1872 by Stehman Forney.

“From the anchorage looking about northwest is a smooth hill which makes well down to the ocean. Upon this and in full view of the harbor the signal stands. To the south of it stands a ridge of white sand, a distinguishing feature on this point of the island. About east southeast and distant 600 meters is an old corral and wharf.”

The site was remarked by Charles K. Green in 1934 with a standard disk stamped CORRAL 1860-1934.

“About northwest of the anchorage at Becher’s Bay, on the south face of a smooth top hill about 100 meters southeast of the crest of a hill. The best way to reach the station is to follow the Carrington Point trail from the ranch house at the anchorage past the white sand ridge, thence toward the top of the hill.”

This triangulation station appears on the Santa Rosa Island North topographic map. [UTM 10: North 3,768,819 East 771,924; UTM 11: North 3,769,117 East 217,903].