Corvron, Santa Rosa Island

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Corvron, Santa Rosa Island is a survey station originally established by William E. Greenwell in 1860, and relocated in 1872 by Stehman Forney. Greenwell stated:

“The signal is near the center of the east end of the Island. It is a round smooth top hill, but not on the summit of it. From it a full view of the east point of the island can be had. To find it, follow up the Cañada Corvron until you come to a ____? At the present time there is a large spring of water with some small willows around it at the foot of the hill. The water is excellent. The spot cannot be mistaken as these are the only trees on this edge of the island. The signal is on the hill overlooking the spring, to the northward and nearly abreast of it.”

Today this station is unknown. [Ridge, Santa Rosa Island is a survey station established in 11860 by William E. Greenwell. “Looking from the anchorage south is a conspicuous smooth ridge some three miles distant upon which the signal stands. It cannot be seen from the harbor because of the formation of the hills, but it stands on the highest part of the ridge. To the south of it is Cañada Corvron which winds up among the hills. South of the Corvron is an old corral which bears about south from the station and distant about 600 meters.”]