Crook Point, San Miguel Island

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Crook Point, San Miguel Island is the southernmost point on the island’s south side located between Elephant Seal Beach to the west and South East Beach to the east.

The place name appears on the June 1882 U.S. Coast Survey map Pacific Coast from Santa Monica to Point Conception, including the Santa Barbara Channel, California, J.E. Hilgard, Superintendent.

This place name appears on the San Miguel Island East topographic map.

In the News~

July 12, 1943 [Memo, 11th Naval District]: “Electrification of Crook Point Light, San Miguel Island, and Santa Barbara Island Light has been completed. It is requested that these lights be placed in operation as early as practicable, in accordance with existing instructions, and that a report be submitted when this has been accomplished. W. H. Lassing, Patrol Commander.”

July 26, 1943 [Memo to Patrol Commander]: “Crook Point Light, San Miguel Island; Santa Barbara Island Light (Light List #80); Placing in Operation. C. P. Holt, Senior Coastal Lookout Officer.”