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Cygnet (#5149) ( - ), vessel of 28 tons that flourished around the California Channel Islands in the 1870s. Cygnet was operated by well-known seaman, Captain Martin Morse Kimberly. Cygnet is listed in the Merchant Vessels of the United States between 1869 and 1878, but the listing is gone by 1882.

In the News~

December 10, 1870 [DAC]: “Sailed. Schooner Cygnet, [Captain] Kimberly, San Nicolas Island.”

December 29, 1870 [SDU]:Cygnet. Arrived December 23, 3 days from Santa Barbara, Captain Kimberly.”

January 31, 1872 [SDU]:Cygnet has been undergoing a thorough overhaul. Will sail for Santa Barbara in a few days.”

January 28, 1873 [DAC]: “A valuable discovery. A San Diego letter dated December 27th says: The schooner Cygnet, Kimberly, Master, forty-two tons register, went north last Spring into the Ochotisk Sea and loaded with oil. On her way back she got blown off and drifted among some islands north of Japan. Here she found so many sea otter that she threw overboard the cargo of oil and loaded with otter skins. This cargo she ran into Yokohama and sold for $25,000 and has gone back for another load. The Cygnetsailed from this port May 31, 1872, on a whaling voyage.

October 3, 1875 [DAC]: “We notice the arrival of the little schooner Cygnet at Neah Bay, Puget Sound, on September 17th, from Ochotsk [Russia], with 569 fur seal skins.”

November 23, 1875 [SBDN]: “Arrived. The schooner Cygnet, Captain Kimberly, arrived on Saturday from San Francisco.”

November 23, 1875 [SBDN]: “Otter hunting. The schooner Cygnet will be occupied for some weeks in otter hunting in the vicinity of the outlying islands. This little vessel is just through with a fair sealing season in arctic waters. The summer in the northern sea is reported to have been unusually boisterous.”

January 11, 1876 [SBDN]: “The schooner Cygnet, Captain Kimberly, has returned from a cruise about the outlying islands for sea otter. Something more than a thousand dollars worth of furs were secured. She will go hence northward.”

January 27, 1876 [SBDN]: “The schooner Cygnet sailed for Santa Cruz Island yesterday.”

March 25, 1876 [SBDP]: “The schooners Cygnet and Matinee are lying in the harbor today.”

November 1, 1876 [SBDP]: “The schooner Cygnet, Captain Kimberly, from Alaska via Victoria, arrived yesterday. Welcome home, Captain.”

November 3, 1876 [SBDP]: “The schooners Cygnet and Matinee were in the harbor this morning.”

November 9, 1876 [SBDP]: “The schooners Star of Freedom and Cygnet were at anchor in the offing this morning.”

March 28, 1878 [DAC]: “Schooner Cygnet, 28 tons, sea otter hunting.”