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1857 Thomas White Lost overboard schooner Elsie while anchoring at Santa Rosa Island.

1858 Miguel Cota Went down with the sloop Buenaventura while transporting cattle.

1858 Peter Hammond Went down with the sloop Buenaventura while transporting cattle.

1874 Captain Wilkinson Accidentally knocked off the brig, Hesperian, by a boom, and he drowned.

1879 Guillermo Cardona Accidentally shot while hunting otters.

1884 Ah You Chinese cook shot to death by island owner, Alexander P. More.

1892 Jose Reyes Washed overboard off the schooner Santa Rosa and drowned.

1893 Bent Ellefson Santa Rosa Island employee shot himself aboard the Santa Rosa.


1901 Michael O’Brien Commited suicide on Kate and Anna.

1902 Frank Ybarra Swept from the deck of the Kingfisher while drunk.

1911 F. M. Heil second-class fireman accidentally shot and killed.

1914 Dede Alida Pepper Wife of Island superintendent, Frank Pepper, committed suicide by gun.

1930s Luke Humphries Island cowboy died as a result of a fall from his horse.

1951 Victor Wheeler Construction engineer killed in a plane attempting to land near Johnsons' Lee on April 3. Two survived.

1951 Milton Fuller (35), Died when the bulldozer he was operating rolled over on him Janaury 9.

1950s ? Killed in a plane accident at Johnson’s Lee.

1968 Howard Anderson (51), Island cook died in a fire he started while smoking in bed.

1995 Walter Hunter (35), Drowned off East Point while SCUBA diving with Truth Aquatics on Nov. 25.

1999 Elwin O. Swint, Jr. (53), Urchin diver dragged to his drowning death by an anchoring boat’s line Dec. 26.

2000 Thomas Munger (53), Hunting guide killed when the truck he was driving rolled on a steep slope Oct. 7.