DEL VALLE, Thomas (father)

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DEL VALLE, Thomas Sr. (c. 1823-1910)

In the News~

May 27, 1910 [SBMP]: “Thomas Del Valle, at the age of 90 years, died peacefully at his home on East Ortega Street last night. Mr. Del Valle enjoyed good health up to the time of his death and the grim reaper crept up on him almost unawares. He made his home with his four children, his two sons, Joseph and Henry, and his two daughters, Miss Adella and Miss Christian Del Valle. Mr. Del Valle was a member of one of California’s most distinguished and historic old Spanish families. His father owned the celebrated Camulos Rancho, around which the plot of the story of ‘Ramona’ was woven by Helen Hunt Jackson. This valuable ranch is still owned by the descendants of his brother, the late Ignacio Del Valle, who for years served in the California legislature. Former State Senator R. F. Del Valle of Los Angeles, the son of Ignacio, who has a very distinguished record, having been a presidential elector and a nominee for lieutenant governor, is the present owner of this property. On his mother’s side, Thomas Del Valle descended from the Higuera family, which at one time owned Napa County, then known as the Napa Ranch. Mr. Del Valle was born here, but was raised on the Camulos Ranch.”

In the News~

May 27, 1910 [SBI]: “Thomas Del Valle died last night at his home on East Ortega Street, after a brief illness. He was 90 years old, and up to the time of his death he was ready to talk of the visit of the late Helen Hunt Jackson to his father’s Rancho Camulos, where she spent weeks writing whole chapters of Ramona and laying the plot of the book… Joseph Del Valle, a son, was at Prisoners’ Harbor on Santa Cruz Island when his father died. Captain Henry Short of the launch Charm left at 10 o’clock this morning to notify him of the death of his father and to bring him back to the mainland. He expects to make the round trip in about five hours. Mr. Del Valle is an employee of the Santa Cruz Island Company.”