DEWEY, William B.

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Bill Dewey photographing the chapel restoration,
Santa Cruz Island, 1990
Bill Dewey in the chapel pre-mass,
Santa Cruz Island, 2022

DEWEY, William Bowles (b. 1949), professional photographer and avocational pilot who has spent much of his career photographing all eight California Channel Islands.

William B. Dewey (Bill) visited Santa Rosa Island in the 1980s to photograph the Torrey Pine Forest as part of a project comparing the island trees to those in the Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego County where he grew up. Experiencing and photographing the untouched landscape that has become so hard to find on mainland California motivated Dewey to visit and photograph the remaining seven islands, which he proceeded to do over the next ten years. His island photographs have been published in numerous books and magazines and have been shown in many gallery and museum exhibits. His work can be found in museum and private collections throughout Southern California. Currently he is at work creating a large format book featuring his California Channel Islands photography.

Bill Dewey has been the photographer for the Santa Cruz Island Foundation since 1988. He became member #10 of the All Eight Plus Club of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation in 1994, the year the Club was established. In addition to the eight California Channel Islands, first visited in the following order, he has also photographed on the Farallones and Rincon Island.

  • 1979: Santa Rosa Island
  • 1984: Santa Cruz Island
  • 1986: San Clemente Island
  • 1986: Santa Barbara Island
  • 1987: Anacapa Island
  • 1988: Santa Catalina Island
  • 1990: San Miguel Island
  • 1992: San Nicolas Island
  • 2017: Farallones
  • 2018: Rincon Island


  • Rincon Island (man-made Channel Island)
  • Farallones

Bill Dewey Photography

Bill Dewey on Aerial Photography


  • 1991. Photographs by William Dewey at the Sea Center Alolkoy 4(1):4, Spring 1991
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1999. Dewey, Wm. B. All Eight. Photographs of the California Channel Islands. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, February 19-April 4, 1999. Stapled wraps. Dedicated to Clifton Smith (1920-1999).
[original in SCIF archives]

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