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DOMINGUEZ, Francisco (c. 1831- ), is listed in the 1852 Santa Barbara County Census as a vaquero, age 21, born in California. He would have been 37 at the time of the incident below.


  • Francisco Dominguez in the 1860 Census: age in 1860 = 35; birth year abt. 1825
  • Francisco Dominguez in the 1870 Census: age in 1870 = 46; birth year abt. 1824
  • Francisco Dominguez in the 1900 Census: marriage year 1852 (Tomasa)
  • Francisco Dominguez in Family Trees
born August 24, 1829-April 10, 1904 Santa Barbara
marriage in 1856 to Maria Tomasa Espinosa (1837-1936)
son Francisco (1859- Nov. 9, 1956)

McDermott-Crockett Mortuary Records: Dominguez, Francisco [v21 p278] (born Apr. 25, 1859 - died Nov 9, 1956) burial Calvary Cemetery

In the News~

September 22, 1868 [SFDEB]: “Santa Barbara Items. From the Post of September 12th we glean the annexed: A most cold-blooded and wanton murder occurred in Santa Barbara on Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Two Indians, in the employ of Dr. Shaw on Santa Cruz Island, came to this place on Saturday last, and as usual, were seen constantly together, having been heretofore great friends. In the afternoon they both by some means obtained liquor, of which they both freely partook. Late at night a quarrel arose, and Francisco Dominguez stabbed Jose, his former friend and companion, in the abdomen, from the effects of which he died on Sunday afternoon. Dominguez was arrested and is now lying in jail.”