DOSS, Harry

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DOSS, Harry (1863-1948), born in Germany, he arrived in 1886, and by 1900 was living on Santa Catalina Island. Harry Doss was a member of the Santa Catalina Island Twenty-Five Year Club, organized in 1915.

Harry Doss =[September 7, 1918] Ella Virginia Lewis (1878-1952)

Doss died on January 10, 1948 in Riverside, CA.

In the News~

June 24, 1900 [LAH]: “Grand Celebration at the Magic Island Santa Catalina. Rapturous music by our band of twenty soloists. Dazzling Water Carnival...Committees: Marshal of the day—Frank V. Rider...Water Carnival Committee—J. E. Mathewson, Geo. N. Cornell, Jas. Gardner, Harry Doss, Hugo Asplund, Chriss Ringsin, Montague Foster, Vincent Moricich, A. W. McDonnell, Harry Elms, C. Jorgensen, T. Washburn, O. G. Kenny, O. P. Smith, E. M. Mathson, A. B. Chappell, J. H. Claudius, J. A. Fraulob, Joseph Preciado, N. V. Gray, E. F. Ralphs...”