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DOULTON, Josiah (1833-1903), English-born Santa Barbara resident who married Emmeline Ritchie (1841-1910). They had five children:

  • Harold Josiah (1860-1928)
  • George Herbert (1863-1893)
  • James Leslie (1868-1956)
  • Cyril (1871-1902)
  • Ethel (1875-1959)

Josiah Doulton died in Santa Barbara in 1903.

In the News~

May 31, 1881 [SBDP]: “Mr. Doulton’s yacht, the Dashaway, has been newly painted, and will be ready to launch when he returns from attending the Gray trial…”

February 21, 1882 [SBDP]: “The schooner Dashaway, built at the Montecito by J. Doulton, was launched today.”

June 23, 1882 [SBDP]: “The schooner Dashaway has returned from Santa Catalina Island, with Mr. Doulton, Captain Low and Supervisor Short, who have been out on a fishing excursion on that gallant craft.”

July 3, 1882 [SBDP]: “The cruise of the Dashaway. Captain Siah Doulton of Montecito having invited a small party to join him in a trip to the island of Catalina in his schooner Dashaway, the party assembled on the wharf at 9 A.M. on Monday…”

June 25, 1883 [SBDP]: “J. Doulton, the popular Court reporter, started out this morning on a week’s cruise with Captain Larco among the seal fishers on the islands.”

June 26, 1883 [SBDI]: “Mr. Doulton and his son Leslie started with Captain Larco for the Islands where they expect to spend a few days fishing, exploring, etc.”

July 3, 1883 [SBDP]: “Messrs. Doulton and Larco, whose return from a cruise among the islands in Santa Barbara channel was mentioned yesterday, related their experiences while running from a frolicsome old California gray which had taken quite a fancy to the little sloop, Ocean King...”

July 6, 1883 [SBDI]: “Mr. Doulton has returned from his trip to the islands.”

July 7, 1883 [LAT]: “Island curiosities. The Santa Barbara Press says that the sloop Ocean King, Captain A. Larco, returned to that port last Sunday after a week’s trip to the northern islands. The vessel had on a cargo of twenty-one barrels of seal oil and two tons of seal skins consigned to the Rogers Brothers by the fishers on the islands. Mr. Josiah Doulton, the court reporter, and his son, Les, accompanied Captain Larco on this trip...” [also LAT]

September 27, 1883 [SBDI]: “The fast sailing sloop recently sold by G. [?] J. Doulton of Montecito to the Fazzio Brothers at Ventura is on the stocks. She is to be fitted up in good style for a pleasure boat to sail to and from the islands.”

July 7, 1886 [SBDP]: “Josiah Doulton has been reappointed court reporter.”

October 13, 1888 [SBDI]: “Mr. J. Doulton left for Santa Cruz Island this morning in company with Captain Larco.”

August 22, 1883 [SBDI]: “Captain Larco, accompanied by Mr. Josiah Doulton, was out today taking up subscriptions for the sufferers from the Italian earthquake. They are meeting with generous response.”

July 24, 1891 [SBMP]: “Prof. H. C. Ford, Josiah Doulton, I. B. Hardy and W. E. Noble left yesterday in the Lottie, Captain Burtis, for the islands. They will be absent about ten days, and will visit San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Anacapa islands.”

June 13, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Lottie sailed for the islands Saturday with Mr. Doulton and a party from Montecito. They expect to be gone a week.”

April 7, 1903 [SBMP]: “Josiah Doulton, who has been a well-known resident of Santa Barbara county for nearly thirty years, died at his home at Miramar Sunday morning, at the age of 70 years. Mr. Doultonn was a native of England. Upon coming to the coast he was prominently identified with the development of Montecito and founded the resort at Miramar. He leaves a widow, two sons, H. J. and J. L. Doulton, and one daughter, Mrs. Stout, all residing here…”