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DOWNEY, James (c. 1852-1891), was killed in a quarry landslide at Santa Catalina Island in 1891. He was 39 years old.

In the News~

Catherine MacLean Loud Diary: “It was late June that Charlie Hargitt and Dr. Davidson were on their way to Avalon from the Isthmus when they passed the Catalina Quarry, about 9 miles north from Avalon. This rock was shipped for the San Pedro breakwater. To their horror, they saw tons of rock slide followed by the cry of loud groans. They hurriedly pulled a half mile to shore. Three injured men were fortunate in having a doctor so near. Peter Doyle’s badly mangled leg was sewed and Dr. Davidson set the fractured leg of Robert Gomez and the right arm of William Pagal. That midnight the men were shipped to the mainland on the steamer, Katie O’Neil. The foreman of the Quarry, David Cook, explained that the slide was unforeseen and on seeing the first rocks fall he sounded the alarm thereby saving five other men. Only a month previous, falling rocks had killed James Downey, 39 years, while he had been working there.” (Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1891 and June 29)