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Arno Ducazan, an old Indian sheep-man, who works for Lester, has his picture taken in this fashion, with the Lester's house in the background.
San Miguel Island. World Wide Photo, 9/7/1937
Robert L. Brooks behind the bar serving Arno Ducazan. The collection of bottles shown here were mostly picked up on the beach where they washed ashore.
San Miguel Island. World Wide Photo, 9/7/1937
Arno Ducazan standing in the doorway of the schoolhouse on
San Miguel Island, 1930s

DUCAZAN, Arno (c. 1877- ), California-born of a French father and California-born mother, he spent many years working as a laborer and handyman on San Miguel Island during the Lester occupancy of the 1930s.

  • 1920 census he lived on a farm in Calabasas, CA and worked as a laborer
  • 1930 San Miguel Island census — with Herbert S. Lester etc.

He is mentioned in a 1969 oral history interview of Elizabeth Lester: [[1]]