DUFFIELD, Henry Cowie, Jr.

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Henry Cowie Duffield, Jr. (1921-1986)
Carey Stanton and Henry Cowie Duffield, Jr.
Santa Cruz Island, 1980

DUFFIELD, Henry Cowie, Jr. (1921-1986)[SS#522-20-1188], Michigan-born oldest son of Henry Cowie Duffield (1894-1977) and Dorothy Bragdon Duffield (1893-1984). Duffields had three children:

  • Henry Cowie Duffield, Jr. (1921-1986)
  • Dorothy “Dodo” Duffield [Anderson](1923-1999)
1. Mary Anderson Smith
1. Shaun M. Smith
2. Stacey C. Smith
2. Jamie Smith
  • George Bradgon Duffield (1925-1963) = Dorothy Rose Throgmorton (c. 1933-1999)
1. James S. Duffield (b. 1954)

Henry Duffield was a rancher who spent time in the cattle business in various locations, including in Colorado, Cuba and Mexico. At the age of 38 (1959) while in Mexico, he contracted polio which left him paralyzed from the waist down. While in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Henry met vacationing physicians, Carey Stanton and Steve Royce, who suggested Duffield seek rehabilitation in famed Warm Springs, Georgia. Henry took the doctors' advice. Upon Henry’s release from rehabilitation in 1960, Carey Stanton invited Duffield to visit his family’s cattle ranch on Santa Cruz Island. He came for a few days visit, and he stayed for 26 years — the rest of his life. Edwin L. Stanton hired Henry on September 19, 1960 to run the island’s cattle business.

For 26 years, Henry was known by many as the cowboy in the red jeep with hand controls, never without his rifle in a scabbard, a flask of Ancient Age Bourbon in his glove box, and several dogs at his side. Already paralyzed from the waist down, in 1986 Henry Duffield suffered a stroke which paralyzed his upper left quarter. Rancher at heart, Henry shot himself on the island on November 23, 1986. He was 65. He is buried in the island’s cemetery. His parents and siblings are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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