DUGAN, Charles Edwin

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DUGAN, Charles Edwin (c. 1857?- ), born in Nova Scotia, the son of Mark Martin Dugan (1824-1898) and his wife, Ellen. He became superintendent of Santa Cruz Island from November 1884 to March 1885.

[See 1880 census San Francisco]

In the News~

October 3, 1884 [SBDI]: “Charles E. Dugan, superintendent of Santa Cruz Island, is in this city.”

January 10, 1885 [SBDP]: “Mr. Charles Dugan, Superintendent of the Santa Cruz Island Company, accompanied by his wife and sister-in-law, Miss Nettie Rosette, last evening came over from the island where they have been spending a week.”

March 11, 1885 [SBDI]: “Charles E. Dugan, superintendent of the Santa Cruz Island Company, and J. Rasette, Assistant Superintendent, arrived this morning from the island and are stopping at the Morris House.”

September 17, 1885 [SBMP]: “Charles E. Dugan, formerly superintendent of Santa Cruz Island, now with Albert Simon & Co. [San Francisco], manufacturer of cigars, is in town.”

December 18, 1898 [SFCall]: “Died. Dugan — In this city, December 14, 1898, Mark Martin, beloved husband of Ellen Dugan and father of Charles E. Dugan, a native of Aylesford, Nova Scotia, aged 75 years 2 months and 10 days.”