DUGAN, Frank

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DUGAN, Frank (1940-1974)[SS#067-32-0152], drowned while SCUBA diving at Anacapa Island at age 34.

In the News~

October 4, 1974 [LAT]: “Equipment of two experienced divers who died in unrelated accidents off Anacapa Island was examined for possible malfunctions. One victim was Air Force Captain Frank Dugan, 34, of Edwards Air Force Base who had been SCUBA diving for seven years and was an instructor. He was found floating by others with whom he had chartered a boat for lobster diving. In the same general area, Mark Inouye, 23, of Gardena, a veteran commercial diver, was found dead on the bottom in 35 feet of water at Anacapa’s Cat Rock where he and other divers of the vessel Joini-Air were gathering sea urchins.”