Descanso Canyon, Santa Catalina Island

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Banning House, Descanso Canyon, Santa Catalina Island, 1902

DESCANSO CANYON: “The first canyon west of Avalon, with the Hotel St. Catherine occupying the full extent of its mouth. The slopes on the left are very steep, richly grassy and harbor considerable moisture. Here is an excellent collecting ground for plants flowering in February and March as well as such adventive established species as Bolhoxalis cerniia, Linaria, Konigia maritinia and Reseda odorata. The right hand slopes are dry and cactus strewn; they lead up to a narrow ridge separating Descanso from Hamilton Canyon. Beyond the hotel buildings the canyon soon narrows and affords an easy ascent to the Coach Road at a point midway between its two loops.” [Millspaugh & Nuttall Flora of Santa Catalina Island (1923)].

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