Devil’s Peak 2, Santa Cruz Island

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Devil’s Peak 2, Santa Cruz Island is a survey station established in 1951 by Lorne G. Taylor when he could not relocate the original station established by Greenwell:

“The station is located about 10 miles airline northwest of the navy station, 5-1/2 miles west-northwest of Prisoners Harbor and on the highest point of a rocky peak which is the highest peak on Santa Cruz Island. To reach from the navy road drive westerly on the graded road for 5.8 miles to two aluminum gates. Pass through the gates, turn left, pass through a wooden gate and follow the road for 2.85 miles to the headquarters of Stanton Ranch. Pass through ranch by bearing right (northwest) through numerous gates and follow road for 2.2 miles to a fork. Take the left fork and go 3.85 miles (passing through numerous gates) to the summit of a pass and a crossroad. Turn right, up steep slope, and go .05 mile to the azimuth mark on right. Continue on track and dug way road for 1.3 miles to a gate. Pass through and follow along west side of fence for .25 mile to the end of truck travel at a gate. Pack east to summit of ridge, thence southeast along sheep trail and crest of ridge to the highest point and the station.”

In 1959, Robert W. Helm added to the description:

“A four wheel vehicle should be used. This is a 1 hour pack.”

The station is marked with a standard disk stamped DEVILS PEAK 2 1951.

The horizontal coordinates were established by classical geodetic methods and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in June 1996.

  • [UTM 11: North 3,768,881.096 East 242,916.640]