Diablo Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island

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Diable Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island

Diablo Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island is located on the north side of the island to the west of Punta Diablo. Two offshore rocks lie on the west side of the anchorage. This place name appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet B topographic map.

In the News~

November 13, 1902 [SBMP]: Captain Merry aboard Daisy, “reported a most disastrous cloudburst. He says that at 5:30 Monday morning when the men were all on deck, suddenly their attention was attracted by a loud rumbling sound. Glancing toward shore they discovered that a cloudburst had occurred on the north side of Diablo mountain, and an immense body of water was rushing down the canyon. The water was about 20 feet deep, and carried away everything in its path, including large trees.”