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DIAMOND FROM THE SKY was filmed, in part, on Santa Cruz Island in 1915 by the American Film Company. This black and white silent film was directed by Jacques Jaccard (1886-1960) and William Desmond Taylor. Lottie Pickford (sister of Mary Pickford) played a gypsy heroine, and William Russell and William Tedmarsh played villains. This was a serial drama that covered thirty-two episodes of two reels each. The story was written by Roy L. McCardell. The first episode was released May 3, 1915, and the last on November 22, 1915. The series is presumed lost.

In the News~

March 18, 1915 [unk]: A newspaper reported this was “the first continued novel ever presented on the screen, a romantic story similar to those appearing in the Saturday Evening Post and other leading magazines.”

April 20, 1915 [SBMP]: “Sheep shearing at Santa Cruz Island will figure to the extent of about a hundred feet in the ninth chapter of The Diamond from the Sky, and this will be photographed today. Nate Walt and Irving Cummings, together with P. G. Lynch and a few others, will go over in the morning and return later in the day. Director Jacques Jaccard will remain here and continue the work on a period that is a little earlier in the story…”

April 21, 1915 [SBMP]: “Yesterday one of Flying A companies boarded the Sea Wolf for Prisoners’ Harbor to secure pictorial material at that point and in the interior for the great production, The Diamond from the Sky.”

June 12, 1915 [SBMP]:The Diamond from the Sky octopus has expired, and a rush order was yesterday sent to Santa Cruz and another is expected today. This big ocean creature arrived here last Monday and was given every care in accordance with instructions. The new octopus will be taken to Santa Cruz Island Monday and the scenes made in one of the small pools that is left with the receding tide.”

June 15, 1915 [SBMP]: “The second octopus which arrived from Santa Cruz, was yesterday photographed at Santa Cruz Island for The Diamond in the Sky. It is believed the scene will prove a success of the octopus seizing the diamond that fell into the ocean during a struggle between Luke Lovell (George Periolat) and his pal. This was one of the most difficult stunts yet attempted for this picture, as the ordinary octopus isn’t especially partial to diamonds, but this was induced to move toward the gem and that was all that was needed. A rather spectacular fight in the water was staged yesterday, the participants being Lovell and Blair Stanley (William Russell.)”