Divide, Santa Rosa Island

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Divide, Santa Rosa Island is a survey station established by Stehman Forney in 1872.

“The station stands on a bare, isolated knoll which is a part of the only ridge leading from Soledad Station. The best way to get to it is to start from Soledad and follow down the only ridge leading from this station in a southerly direction. There is but one ridge leading from this point to the south side of the island, and it is so plainly seen from Soledad station that it cannot be mistaken.”

In 1934:

“A thorough search of the ground failed to reveal any trace of the station. Near the station an oil well was drilled in 1930. There is no doubt that drilling operations around the station obliterated all traces of the marks.”

[UTM 10: North 3,758,610 East 766,716].