Domestico, Santa Cruz Island

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Fields west of ranch, Upper at right,
Domestic at left and part of General in foreground.
Santa Cruz Island, Symmes, 1922

Domestico, Santa Cruz Island (Domestic), is the first field to the west of the Main Ranch past the eucalyptus trees, west of the milk cow and stallion barn on the north side of the road. During the Caire years, this field was generally cultivated with either corn or alfalfa. An irrigation system was proposed in 1920 in which water could be piped to unused wine tanks using a windmill erected “over that old well in the Domestic.” Today ranch wells are located this field.

In Santa Cruz Island Company records~

August 20, 1900 [SCICo]: “Hauling manure from corrals to Domestic.

February 1, 1918 [SCICo]: “At the Main Ranch farming and harrowing are being done in the vineyard. The Domestic and Upper are being dried and harrowed.”

March 19, 1918 [SCICo]: “Harrowing and digging were done in the Domestic, Upper and General and two-men days were put in plowing the vineyard.”

March 6, 1918 [SCICo]: “Speaking of grain, we have surveyed and mapped the Domestic, Upper, General, Islay, European, Rialto, Selva and Valentino fields.”

April 15, 1918 [SCICo]: “The corn has been planted in the Domestic and Upper.”

April 23, 1918 [SCICo]: “The corn in the Domestic and Upper is coming along fine and some of the alfalfa planted is going well.”

July 1, 1918 [SCICo]: “The alfalfa planted in the Domestic and Upper is drying up.”

February 13, 1919 [SCICo]: “Some harrowing and disking has been done in the Upper and Domestic preparatory to planting alfalfa.”

February 24, 1919 [SCICo]: “The Domestic has been planted to alfalfa.”

March 22, 1919 [SCICo]: “Alfalfa has been planted in the Upper, and the west half of the Domestic has been replanted.”

August 29, 1919 [SCICo]: “The Domestic and Upper are being plowed by tractor preparatory to planting corn next spring.”

September 2, 1919 [SCICo]: “The Domestic has been plowed preparatory to planting corn next spring.”

January 19, 1920 [SCICo]: “If rain does not come soon, what is your opinion of installing some irrigation? The pieces that would most readily lend themselves to irrigation the Ermitane, the Avuelo, the Viejo, the Upper, Domestic, the walnut orchard, the field in front of the bee house, Campo Dos Pinos, the Selva and the Rialto in front of the main ranch.”

January 26, 1920 [SCICo]: “The Upper and Domestic can be more easily irrigated than I thought…”

February 9, 1920 [SCICo]: “Water could be piped into tanks from springs or a windmill could be erected over that old well in the Domestic.”

February 16, 1920 [SCICo]: “The corn asked for on the requisition is to plant in the Domestic… The Domestic presents more of a problem. It will need one or two large tanks and several hundred feet of 3/4 inch pipe, some of which we have. If you decide definitely to irrigate the Domestic, let me know and I will plan to put it into corn. If not and we do not get rain we will only need 100# of corn.”