Drunk Uncle Islets, Farallones

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View from Maintop over Maintop Island north shore, with the Drunk Uncle Islets and the wreck of the SS Henry Bergh, South Farallones
Drunk Uncle Islets, Southeast Farallon

Drunk Uncle Islets, Farallones line the northern coast of Maintop Island off Southeast Farallon. The origin of the place name is unknown.

These islets are haul-outs for California Sea Lions. The rocks are exposed and often hit by large wave action, preventing seabirds from nesting on them.

On May 31, 1944, the S.S. Henry Bergh, bound to San Francisco from the South Pacific and Pearl Harbor, and overloaded with 1,300 sailors returning from the war, as well as a crew of nearly 100, wrecked at the Drunk Uncle Islets.