EARLEY, Kenneth

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EARLEY, Kenneth (c. 1927-1968), 41, drowned, along with William Badger, 32, while diving at Ship Rock, Santa Catalina Island on April 6, 1968.

In the News~

April 7, 1968 [LAT]: “Two scuba divers were drowned Saturday in the waters off Ship Rock, near Isthmus Cove at Santa Catalina Island. The bodies of Kenneth Earley, 41, of 946 Fairbrook Lane, Santa Ana, and William Badger, 32, of 1204 Don Jose Drive, Glendale, were recovered by other divers, the Coast Guard said. They had been diving from a chartered boat with other members of the Kelp-Benders Scuba Club of Fullerton. A search was launched when they failed to surface. They were found 20 feet below the surface.”