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Alice Eastwood c. 1900 (CAS)
Alice Eastwood (1859-1953)
Alice Eastwood (1859-1953)

EASTWOOD, Alice (1859-1953), Canadian-born self-taught botanist who moved to the United States at age 14. She was curator of botany at the California Academy of Sciences from 1892-1950, and known as a tireless plant collector.

Eastwood visited Santa Cruz Island in 1917 in the company of the wife of the ranch superintendent, Mrs. Alanson Swain. Eastwood gave a lecture at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in 1929, as reported in the April Leaflet: “Miss Eastwood is not only an admirable scientist, but a rare human being as well. A simple, kindly woman stood before her audience and told with utter lack of self-consciousness of experiences which not one woman in a thousand would care to undergo.” Eastwood spent six days on Santa Catalina Island July 20-25, 1917, mostly near Avalon, Gallagher’s, and the Isthmus. Her specimens are located in the California Academy of Sciences.

Eastwood died on October 30, 1953 in San Francisco, California. She was 94.

Eastwood collected on:

  • Farallon Islands (1926)
  • Anacapa Island (1916)
  • Santa Catalina Island (1904, 1917)
  • Santa Cruz Island (1917)

» Eastwood, Alice Notes on the Plants of St. Nicholas [sic] Island in California Academy of Sciences Proceedings 3:89-120, 1898

  • Note: Alice Eastwood never visited San Nicolas Island. Blanche Trask sent her SNI specimens to Eastwood.

» Eastwood, Alice The Islands of Southern California and a List of the Recorded Plants in Leaflets of Western Botany 3(2):27-36 and 3(3):54-78, 1941

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»Valjean, Nelson "Alice Eastwood, Hardy Perennial" Nature Magazine Vol.42, No. 8 October 1949 Pdficon small 2.gif

» Hero Versus the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Island Collections~

The University & Jepson Herbaria

Anacapa Island Alice Eastwood CAS April 17, 1916 CAS-98460 Distichlis spicata Plants
Anacapa Island Alice Eastwood CAS April 17, 1916 CAS-114035 Salix sessilifolia Plants

Santa Catalina Island

1917 CAS

Santa Cruz Island EASTWOOD, Alice UC July 17, 1917 UC-852884 Silene laciniata major Plants


In the News~

September 25, 1917 [SBMP]: “…Miss Eastwood, on behalf of the Academy, very completely botanized Santa Cruz and Catalina islands. On all her exploring trips over these islands, she was accompanied by Mrs. Miller, herself an enthusiastic botanist, and when the two ladies left the sailing party to return home by rail from San Diego a short time ago, they took with then a comprehensive exhibit of the flora of the islands mentioned…”

July 18, 1919 [OC]: “Mr. and Mrs. John Steinmiller and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Eastwood are planning on taking in the Los Angeles Times vacation trip to the Yosemite of a week’s duration. This trip begins next Saturday. Mrs. Eastwood is still at Catalina Island, but the party will meet her in the city and will start from there.”

July 25, 1919 [OC]: “Mrs. H. H. Eastwood and daughters Alice, Blanche and Jean, returned Thursday night from their trip to Santa Catalina Island.”