EHORN, William

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Staff at Channel Islands National Park, 1981
Bill Ehorn, first superintendent of Channel Islands National Park
Bill Ehorn, Santa Rosa Island

EHORN, William (b. 1939), superintendent of Channel Islands National Monument from 1974 to 1980, and then first superintendent of Channel Islands National Park upon its establishment in 1980. In 1976, Ehorn was able to arrange for San Miguel Island to be open to the public through an agreement with the navy (represented by Les Maland), four years before Channel Islands National Park was created. He created a blue-ribbon panel of experts asking for their advise. A Natural and Cultural Resources assesment panel was convened, with participants including: Carey Stanton, owner of Santa Cruz Island; conservationist, Starker Leopold; Ralph Philbrick, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden; Dennis Power, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History; Bob DeLong, marine mammal scientist; Les Maland from the navy. The summer of 1977 San Miguel Island was opened to the public for the first time in its history.

Ehorn also assisted Congressman Lagomarsino in drafting the legislation that established Channel Islands National Park. Ehorn also negotiated the National Park Service acquisition of Santa Rosa Island from Vail & Vickers in 1986. Shortly thereafter, in 1989, he transferred to Redwoods National Park where he remained until his retirement from the Park Service in 1995.

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