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ELHASSAN, Hassan (c. 1936-1966) drowned while SCUBA diving at Santa Catalina Island on April 30, 1966. He was 30 years old.

In the News~

May 2, 1966 [Independent Long Beach]: “Scuba diver, 30, drowns before pals reach him. A weekend scuba-diving expedition by 17 University of Southern California students off Catalina Island ended in tragedy for 30-year-old Hassan Elhassan of Los Angeles. Sheriff's deputies said he apparently lost his mouthpiece while struggling to free himself from entanglement in a kelp bed Saturday, and drowned by the time several of his USC student companions were able to pull him to the surface. After coroner's examination, the body was released to Utter-McKinley Viewpark Mortuary, Los Angeles.”