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ELLEFSON, Bent (c. 1869-1893)

In the News~

February 14, 1893 [SBMP]: “Sunday afternoon Bent Ellefson, a sailor on board the schooner Santa Rosa, ended his life by a bullet to his brain. The deceased was a young man 24 years of age, unmarried, and had parents who are now living in Norway. He came to this place from Liverpool some months ago, on the bark Archer, which stopped at an Australian port for a cargo of coal for this place. He had not been working long on the Santa Rosa, having been engaged by the Captain only about fifteen days ago...”

July 11, 1893 [SBDI]: “A letter has been received by W. I. Cummings of this city from the father of Bent Ellefson, the young man who accidentally shot himself on the schooner Santa Rosa some months ago. His father resides in Norway and he wanted the particulars of the shooting, etc.”