ERICKSON, Michael James

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ERICKSON, Michael James (c. 1946-1974) drowned trying to share his air with his fellow diver, Eugenia Ludmila Jacks when she ran out of air diving at Santa Catalina Island in March 1974. He was 28 years old.

In the News~

March 25, 1974 [San Pedro News Pilot]: “Scuba divers drown sharing supply of air. A woman became entangled in kelp while scuba diving off Catalina and drowned along with her companion, who had apparently used his air supply to try to keep her alive, sheriff's deputies said Sunday. Deputies said 45-year-old Eugenia Ludmila Jack's air tank was empty when her body was found by life guards. That of her companion, Michael James Erickson, 28, was almost exhausted. Deputies said that Mrs. Jack's foot became entangled in the kelp 6[0] feet below the surface.”

March 25, 1974 [LAT]: “Two scuba divers drowned when their tanks apparently ran out of oxygen while they were diving off Santa Catalina Island. The bodies of Mike Erickson, 28, of Bell, and Mrs. Eugenie Jack, 45, of Anaheim, were recovered by Los Angeles County lifeguards in 60 feet of water one mile west of the Catalina Isthmus. Authorities said the two had been diving with friends off a commercial tour boat.”