EVANS, Benjamin

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EVANS, Benjamin (1824-1911) was found drowned at Pebbly Beach. Evans, a retired merchant and widower from Ohio, was 86 years old. His death was ruled to be of "suicidal intent."

Evans is interred at Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum, Altadena, Ca.

In the News~

April 14, 1911 [SF Chronicle]: “Capitalist's body found drowned near Catalina. Avalon, April 13.—The body of Benjamin Evans, 75 years old, was found in the water at Pebbly Beach, a mile from here, last night. The body was identified today by a son-in-law, L. H. Horton of Pasadena. A Coroner's jury has been called to determine the manner in which Evans came to his death. There are indications of foul play. Evans was a prominent pork packer in Cincinatti many years ago, but moved to California after retiring.”