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Joseph Andorfer Ewan (1909-1999)

EWAN, Joseph Andorfer (1909-1999) [SS#434-46-7273], Philadelphia-born botanist, bibliophile, and leading historian on American botany who grew up in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1934, as served as a research assistant to Willis Linn Jepson, the great authority on California flora. From 1937-1944 Ewan taught at the University of Colorado while working on the taxonomy of Delphinium and a biographical dictionary of Rocky Mountain Naturalists (1950;1981). In 1986 Ewan sold his library of more than 5600 books to the Missouri Botanic Garden. Ewan died on December 5, 1999 at ago 90, and was survived by his wife, Nesta Dunn, and daughters Kathleen [Harris], Dorothy [Nemecek], and Marjorie Ewan.

Island Collections~

Santa Catalina Island

10/22/1932 RSA plants

10/22/1932 SJSU plants

10/22/1932 UC plants