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El Mariner (#240874) (1841-1958), foundered off Santa Catalina Island on October 7, 1958.

In the News~

October 7, 1958 [Daily Independent Journal]: “Fisherman saved after boat sinks. After two desperate hours in a small rowboat outside the Golden Gate, a San Rafael fisherman was rescued by the Coast Guard at 5:35 a.m. today. Cass Gidley, proprieter of the Lighthouse Crab Co., who sells fresh crab and salmon from a truck at Second and Lincoln street, was plucked from the tossing, fog-shrouded ocean about one-fourth mile from the Farallones. Gidley said his 45-foot fishing boat, El Mariner sprang a leak in the aft planking. He radioed for help at 2:45 a.m. The El Mariner was sinking fast. He gave his location as seven miles southwest of the Farallones. The last message El Mariner went under was received at 3:20 a.m. Gidley saved his skiff and managed to row within a quarter-mile of the Farallones, while an 83-foot Coast Guard cutter, a rescue plane and other fishing boats tried to find him in the darkness and fog. Coast Guard officers said the cutter crew displayed remarkable seamanship to spot the little rowboat in the surging seas. When Gidley was picked up, he was reported to be tired and cold but otherwise in good condition. The Coast Guard cutter deposited him at Sausalito pier. Gidley lives in El Cerrito but operated his business in San Rafael.”