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Ellen (#) (-)

In the News~

October 1, 1912 [SBMP]: “The Charm left Santa Barbara Saturday morning with thirty-three passengers, teachers, normal school students, artists and others. After an enjoyable trip across the channel, the party landed at Valdez Harbor, first having viewed the wonders of Painted Cave. The remainder of the afternoon was spent exploring. Trouble with the machinery prevented the start home on schedule time, and the party camped as best they could for the night. Sunday morning two fishing launches, one of them, Larco’s Miramar, appeared, and later the Ellen, Captain Zankich, chartered by Prof. A.C. Olney, whose wife was with the Charm party. The Charm was then given a rapid tow across the channel, the three launches furnishing the power with the Ellen leading the tandem...”

June 26, 1913 [SBDN]: “The launch Otter, which has been lying aground on the beach in front of the Potter since last Sunday night, was got into the water again at a late hour yesterday afternoon through the combined haul of the powerboats Gussie M and Ellen. The Otter was found to have suffered no injury through her risky experience, and she is in as good shape as ever for the excursion business, which will be resumed next Sunday, when the boat is expected to carry to the islands a large party of pleasure seekers.”