Embudo, Santa Cruz Island

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Western pastures, Santa Cruz Island

Embudo, Santa Cruz Island [Sp., funnel] (Cañada Embudo, Campo Embudo, Embudo Canyon), an area to the east of Christy Ranch where the canyon squeezes into a tight funnel.

In the News~

February 26, 1918 [SCICo]: “The road from Buena Vista to Embudo is blocked in several places from the landslides from above…”

March 13, 1918 [SCICo]: “The road from Buena Vista to Embudo was repaired after the first heavy rain, but is again blocked with landslides from above.”

April 23, 1918 [SCICo]: “The entire west of the Island from Embudo west is devoid of feed, what green feed there is being less than an inch high and fast drying up.”