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Ethel (#) (-)

In the News~

June 12, 1889 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ethel returned late yesterday from a two-month otter hunting voyage up the coast. The expedition was sent out by Messrs. Hosmer, Metcalf and Rogers.”

June 13, 1889 [SBDP]: “The schooner Ethel arrived this morning with 21 fine otter skins for H. A. Rogers.”

June 14, 1889 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ethel has returned from two months on an otter hunting voyage up the coast. The hunters, two shooters and six assistants, had unusually good luck, and brought back 21 fine otter skins of the total value $1800. The hunters were sent out by Hosmer, Metcalf and Rogers, who will share in a neat return above the costs of the voyage. The skins were placed on display at the Metcalf and Hosmer grocery store, where they have attracted much interest. One skin is a fine silver-tip, valued at $150.”

June 20, 1889 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ethel left yesterday afternoon for San Miguel Island with a party consisting of Judge W. I. Nichols and A. E. Putnam and their families who will spend a month on the island. The party expected to get away several days ago but were delayed by the non-arrival of the boat’s papers from San Pedro.”

June 23, 1889 [SBMP]: “The schooner Ethel came over from the islands yesterday. She will sail for San Diego shortly.”

July 7, 1889 [SanDU]: “The schooner Ethel has arrived from a 3 months otter hunting cruise at San Nicolas, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands with 50 pelts... The hides are sold in San Francisco and shipped to England for curing.”

September 15, 1890 [LAT]: “A man named Forsythe was today arrested and placed in jail charged with criminal assault upon the 6-year-old daughter of Captain Hunt. Forsythe has been engaged as cook on the schooner Ethel and had just returned from a trip on the lower coast…”

March 27, 1891 [LAT]: “The steamer Humboldt arrived from Humboldt this morning. Among the passengers were William Sprague, Andrew Sprague, Thomas Barber and Archibald Brady of the crew of six who deserted the sealing schooner Ethel of San Diego on the 20th inst. The other two were drowned.”

September 20, 1903 [SBMP]: “Violations of State Fish law… Four Chinese fishermen were fined $30 each in Judge Downing’s court this afternoon for violation of the state fish law. These are men arrested by Deputy Fish Commissioners Hass and Morrison at San Clemente Island. Their fines were paid by their employer A. C. Tetzin of San Francisco, owner of the sloop Ethel…”