Europeano, Santa Cruz Island

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The European field.
Santa Cruz Island, Symmes, 1922

Europeano, Santa Cruz Island (European field), is a small field of 30 acres in the Central Valley near the Main Ranch.

In the News~

June 15, 1917 [SCICo]: “The accident to Ramon Romo occurred on May 15th about 4:30 P.M. in the European field. Espinoza who witnessed the accident said that he warned Romo not to ride in the place where he than was because there was a grass covered barranca there and lumps there and he was liable to ride into it. He further stated that Romo paid no attention to his warning, with the result that his horse slipped and his foot was caught between the horse and the bank of the barranca.”

November 7, 1916 [SCICo]: “Considerable land is plowed… and there are about twenty acres of the European ready. Early Sunday morning .0.22 inches of rain fell and from present indications there will be more.”

May 4, 1917 [SCICo]: “Hay is being mowed and raked in the European.”

March 6, 1918 [SCICo]: “Speaking of grain, we have surveyed and mapped the Domestic, Upper, General, Islay, European, Rialto, Selva and Valentino fields. With the exception of the European and Valentino the fields are close to the acreage guessed at, but we find that we have sowed eighteen sacks too much in the European and eight too many in the Valentino, figuring a sack to the acre.”

March 22, 1919 [SCICo]: “Alfalfa has been planted in the Upper, and the west half of the Domestic has been replanted… From the present outlook all our seeding may be wasted. About one-third of the European has been lost by drying out.”