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Excelsior (#136354) (1893-1916), a 175.5-foot two-masted steam schooner with a rounded stern built in San Francisco for Caspar Lumber Company as a cargo carrier. She was one of the largest lumber schooners which worked the coast lumber trade. The year she was launched, she salvaged Goldenhorn. on Santa Rosa Island which had gone ashore a year earlier. From 1898-1902 Excelsior was operated by the Pacific Steam Whaling Company, after which she had a series of owners. On February 7, 1916 while off Pier 42 in San Francisco Bay, Excelsior was hit broadside by the larger vessel, Harvard, which “smashed the ship's wooden side as if it were an egg shell.” She came to rest on a shoal off Goat Island. She was salvaged in 1917.

In the News~

August 5, 1893 [SBDI]: “The steamer Excelsior is expected the later part of next week to take a cargo of Goldenhorn wreckage to San Francisco. The wreckage steamer San Pedro arrived last night, bringing 50 tons of iron from the island. She has already brought in over 300 tons, and there is plenty more left.”

August 17, 1893 [SBDI]: “The steam schooner Excelsior is at the wharf taking on board a load of the old iron brought from the wreck of the Goldenhorn. The Excelsior has quite a quantity of barely on board. She goes to San Francisco.”

August 17, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “The steamer Excelsior of Ventura, chartered for a few days by the Caledonian Club of Ventura, but in this port Tuesday evening, a crowd of 400 Ventura excursionists made the trip to the islands on it Tuesday, and were delighted with their voyage. Such an excursion from this port would undoubtedly pay.”

August 18, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “It is reported that two young couples who hailed from our windy neighbor Ventura improved the opportunity the excursion steamer Excelsior gave them and got married while the boat lay here at the wharf. A visit to the County Clerk’s office showed that two marriage licenses had been issued to love-lorn Venturans.”

August 19, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “The steam schooner Excelsior will take a cargo of barley and old iron from the Goldenhorn wreck to San Francisco.”

September 2, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “The steam schooner Excelsior arrived from the north Wednesday night, and will take a cargo of the Goldenhorn wreckage back to San Francisco.”

October 30, 1893 [SBDI]: “The Excelsior proceeded to San Diego, and on her return will stop at Santa Rosa Island for a large quantity of wool to be shipped to San Francisco.”

November 1, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “The steam schooner Excelsior is in port with a load of shakes and shingles for the Santa Barbara Lumber Company. She will stop at Santa Rosa Island on her return from San Diego and take on a cargo of wool.”

April 6, 1896 [SBDN]: “At the wharf is the three-masted schooner Excelsior, which has been unloading a cargo of boards for the Santa Barbara Lumber Company. The Excelsior is one of the largest lumber schooners in the coast lumber trade, and besides, is the fastest sailor.”